Table Top Cookie Depositor
Table Top Automatic Bread Slicer
Portable Spraying System
Kolb Electronic Dough Sheeter
Vacuum Lifters and Crane System
Bag Closing Machine
Kolb Pasta Machine
Kolb German Made Baking Tray
New Dough Sheeter
Stock Clearance
Kolb Condo Deck Oven
Kolb U-Clips
Kolb Professional Bandsaw
Kolb Syrup & Puree
Domitor Pizza Oven
Bread Clips
Automatic Bandsaw
Reach-in Proofing Unit
Moulder Divider Tradiform
Dough Sheeter Compas 4.0
MIWE Bake Off Oven Setup
MIWE Backcombi Oven Setup
Kolb Economic Table Top Dough Sheeter
Kolb Baker Retarder Proofer
Kolb Spiral Mixer SF50 Promotion
Kolb Packaging Machine
MIWE roll-in e+
Kolb Oven Cleaning Set Promotion
MIWE Gusto-snack Promotion
Shoes Cover Machine
One Stop Solution

Pasta Machine

Croissant Moulder

Slicing Machine

Slicing Machine

Mixer Grinder & Portioner Machine

Egg Bubble Washer - MB

The 1872 Clipper Tea

MIWE Cube Steam Setup

Kolb Tray Cleaning Machine

Brine Injecting Machine

Built-in Integrated Elevator

RR Online Shopping

Pasta Machine Promotion

Cold-pressed Juice Machine

Cold-pressed Juice Machine

Summer Promotion - Dough Dividing Rounding Machine

Summer Promotion - MIWE Cube Stone

Summer Promotion - Blast Chiller Freezer

Summer Promotion - Dough Sheeter

Summer Promotion - MIWE CO5.0608

Summer Promotion - Filling Machine

Eberhardt Mixer

Pasta Machine Stamper & Dies

Hofex 2019

Kolb Baker Refrigerator
Pallet Washer

Pasta Machines Promotion

Egg Machines

Crepes Machine

Filling Machine

Delivery Service

Our Company's Concept: Your One Stop Solution

Atoll Speed H Range

Kolb Vacuum Sealer

MIWE Proofer GR

Kolb Retarder Proofer

Stock Clearance

Stock Clearance

Hofex Pre-sales

Stock Clearance

Stock Clearance

Stock Clearance

Water Jet Cutting Machine - Chef Cut

Tea Tasting

Special Offer for Convection Oven

MIWE Aero e+

Chocolate Coating Machine

Pessure Cooker

Tart Moulding Machine

Universal Horizontal Slicing Machine

Oil Filtration

MIWE Cube Steam

Kolb In-Store Bakery Solutions

Kolb In-Store Bakery Solutions

MIWE Roll-in e+ Rack Oven

Multi Depositing Machine

Tray Cleaners with Oiling

Mixer KODIAK 20

Kolb 24'' Uni-Dopositor

Innovative German Bandsaw

Automatic Dough Sheeter
Compas 3000 HD

Pizza Oven

Kolb Chocolate Tempering Machine

Kolb Table Top Pasta Machine

Bag Closure

Water Jet Cutting Machine - Chef Cut

Sauce Master Chef

Kolb Automatic Divider Moulder - PANIFORM

British Deighton Spreading Machine

Spiral Mixer SF80

Roll & Baguette Slicer

Blast Chiller Freezer

Kolb Table Top Induction Cooker

Kolb Egg Breaking / Separating Machine
Oven in Black & Accessories for Baking
Oven in Black & Accessories for Baking
BABYDROP Cookie Depositor & Glass Door Underbase Proofer
Bongard Long Moulder Major Manu EVO
Water Refrigeration System & Joint Event at HK Science Park
Egg Processing Machines
New Solution in Retarding & Proofing
Multiroll Line
Kolb Professional Deck Oven
Rondomat & Rondomat-Cutomat Promotion
Kolb Supreme Spiral Mixer
Kolb Swiss Raclette Wheel & Raclette Melting Machine
Cake Decorating Machine - Cake-O-Matic
Thermoforming Machine
Blast Chiller & Freezer
Vegetable Preparation Machine
Restaurant & Bar 2017
Dr Robot Automatic Divider & Rounder
Orchestrale Coffee Machine
Atollspeed Convection Oven
Coffee Drip Bag Gift Set
Swiss Made Compass 3000HD Dough Sheeter
Fully-automatic Nuova Simonelli Microbar II Coffee Machine
Kolb Vacuum Packaging Machine
'Coffee and The Outdoors' Latte Art Competition
Semi-automatic Frame Slicer - Pico
MIWE Gusto-snack Convection Oven
Croissant Makeup Line - Model Croissomat SCM
Blast Chiller Freeze - eVent
HOFEX 2017 Photo & Highlights
Kolb Vacuum Packaging Machine
Discover Kolb's Best Sellers at Hofex 2017
Heat Sealer
Kolb Bowl Elevator SR Series
Doughnut Fryer Model TK-T
New MIWE Oven Control
Chocolate Coatin Machine
German Made Scale
Automatic Hydraulically Driven: Tilting Braising Pan
Wodschow Mixer KODIAK 30L
Gelatin Dispenser
Rondo Dough Sheeter
Kolb Electrical Rotating Pizza Oven
Analogue Chocolate Melter
Gram Baker Refrigerator
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