Kolb Economic Tab;e Top Dough Sheeter
Kolb Baker Retarder Proofer
Kolb Spiral Mixer SF50 Promotion
Kolb Packaging Machine
MIWE roll-in e+
Kolb Oven Cleaning Set Promotion
MIWE Gusto-snack Promotion
Shoes Cover Machine
One Stop Solution

Pasta Machine

Croissant Moulder

Slicing Machine

Slicing Machine

Mixer Grinder & Portioner Machine

Egg Bubble Washer - MB

The 1872 Clipper Tea

MIWE Cube Steam Setup

Kolb Tray Cleaning Machine

Brine Injecting Machine

Built-in Integrated Elevator

RR Online Shopping

Pasta Machine Promotion

Cold-pressed Juice Machine

Cold-pressed Juice Machine

Summer Promotion - Dough Dividing Rounding Machine

Summer Promotion - MIWE Cube Stone

Summer Promotion - Blast Chiller Freezer

Summer Promotion - Dough Sheeter

Summer Promotion - MIWE CO5.0608

Summer Promotion - Filling Machine

Eberhardt Mixer

Pasta Machine Stamper & Dies

Hofex 2019

Kolb Baker Refrigerator
Pallet Washer

Pasta Machines Promotion

Egg Machines

Crepes Machine

Filling Machine

Delivery Service

Our Company's Concept: Your One Stop Solution

Atoll Speed H Range

Kolb Vacuum Sealer

MIWE Proofer GR

Kolb Retarder Proofer

Stock Clearance

Stock Clearance

Hofex Pre-sales

Stock Clearance

Stock Clearance

Stock Clearance

Water Jet Cutting Machine - Chef Cut

Tea Tasting

Special Offer for Convection Oven

MIWE Aero e+

Chocolate Coating Machine

Pessure Cooker

Tart Moulding Machine

Universal Horizontal Slicing Machine

Oil Filtration

MIWE Cube Steam

Kolb In-Store Bakery Solutions

Kolb In-Store Bakery Solutions

MIWE Roll-in e+ Rack Oven

Multi Depositing Machine

Tray Cleaners with Oiling

Mixer KODIAK 20

Kolb 24'' Uni-Dopositor

Innovative German Bandsaw

Automatic Dough Sheeter
Compas 3000 HD

Pizza Oven

Kolb Chocolate Tempering Machine

Kolb Table Top Pasta Machine

Bag Closure

Water Jet Cutting Machine - Chef Cut

Sauce Master Chef

Kolb Automatic Divider Moulder - PANIFORM

British Deighton Spreading Machine

Spiral Mixer SF80

Roll & Baguette Slicer

Blast Chiller Freezer

Kolb Table Top Induction Cooker

Kolb Egg Breaking / Separating Machine
Oven in Black & Accessories for Baking
Oven in Black & Accessories for Baking
BABYDROP Cookie Depositor & Glass Door Underbase Proofer
Bongard Long Moulder Major Manu EVO
Water Refrigeration System & Joint Event at HK Science Park
Egg Processing Machines
New Solution in Retarding & Proofing
Multiroll Line
Kolb Professional Deck Oven
Rondomat & Rondomat-Cutomat Promotion
Kolb Supreme Spiral Mixer
Kolb Swiss Raclette Wheel & Raclette Melting Machine
Cake Decorating Machine - Cake-O-Matic
Thermoforming Machine
Blast Chiller & Freezer
Vegetable Preparation Machine
Restaurant & Bar 2017
Dr Robot Automatic Divider & Rounder
Orchestrale Coffee Machine
Atollspeed Convection Oven
Coffee Drip Bag Gift Set
Swiss Made Compass 3000HD Dough Sheeter
Fully-automatic Nuova Simonelli Microbar II Coffee Machine
Kolb Vacuum Packaging Machine
'Coffee and The Outdoors' Latte Art Competition
Semi-automatic Frame Slicer - Pico
MIWE Gusto-snack Convection Oven
Croissant Makeup Line - Model Croissomat SCM
Blast Chiller Freeze - eVent
HOFEX 2017 Photo & Highlights
Kolb Vacuum Packaging Machine
Discover Kolb's Best Sellers at Hofex 2017
Heat Sealer
Kolb Bowl Elevator SR Series
Doughnut Fryer Model TK-T
New MIWE Oven Control
Chocolate Coatin Machine
German Made Scale
Automatic Hydraulically Driven: Tilting Braising Pan
Wodschow Mixer KODIAK 30L
Gelatin Dispenser
Rondo Dough Sheeter
Kolb Electrical Rotating Pizza Oven
Analogue Chocolate Melter
Gram Baker Refrigerator
Dosing Filling Machine - Dosicream
Kolb Utensil Washer
Tart Moulding Machine
Automatic Fryer Series
Cooling Plate for Chocolate Decoration
MIWE roll-in e+ 3.0
Stock Clearance : Induction cooker
Tray Cleaning Machine XXL
Chocolate Tempering Machine
Kolb Whipping Cream Machine & Non Dairy Cream
Chocolate Dispenser : Chocohot
Meat Slicer
Swiss Made Heated Chocolate Spray Gun
Industrial Planetary Mixer
Vegetable Cutter of Top Quality
Joint Promotional Campaign with Broadway Circuit
Kolb Filling Machine - Dosimax
Kolb Demo Kitchen
Special Offer On Demo Unit - Atoll 800 & Laguna L1-60/40
Atollspeed Convection Oven for Food Truck
Kolb Atollspeed Pizza Conveyor Oven
Kolb Shoes Machine
Clipping & Twist-tying Machine
Pressure Tilting Bratt Pans
Ice Makers
Solution for Retarding & Proofing
Kolb Snowflake
U-Clips For Bag Closure
Kolb Atollspeed Series with New Choices : Nano / Convection
Kronos Pro Mixer
Kolb Induction Stock Pot Station 
Multimatic Dividing & Moulding Machine - MUS5
Egg Bubble Wahser
Depositor & Transfer Pump
Crate Washing Machine
Flaking Machine
Egg Breaking / Separating Machine RZ-1
Loading Elevator
Egg Centrifuge
Vegetable / Fruit Slicer & Wedger
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